The NetEngine 8000 F can be configured as a GR helper rather than a GR restarter.

Graceful restart (GR) is a technology used to ensure proper traffic forwarding, especially the forwarding of key services, during the restart of routing protocols.

Without GR, the master/slave main control board switchover due to various reasons leads to transient service interruption, and as a result, route flapping occurs on the whole network. Such route flapping and service interruption are unacceptable on large-scale networks, especially carrier networks.

GR is one of the high availability (HA) technologies which comprise a series of comprehensive technologies, such as fault-tolerant redundancy, link protection, faulty node recovery, and traffic engineering technologies. As a fault-tolerant redundancy technology, GR is widely used to ensure non-stop forwarding of key data during the master/slave main control board switchovers and system upgrade.

In GR mode, the forwarding plane continues data forwarding during a restart, and operations on the control plane, such as re-establishment of neighbor relationships and route calculation, do not affect the forwarding plane, preventing service interruptions caused by route flapping and improving network reliability.

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