VLAN Damping

In case that a VLAN Down event occurs when all the interfaces added to the VLAN go Down, the VLAN will report the Down event to the corresponding VLANIF interface, causing a change in the VLANIF interface status.

To avoid this, enable VLAN damping on the VLANIF interface.

After VLAN damping is enabled, among all the interfaces that are added to the VLAN, if the last Up interface in the VLAN becomes Down, the VLAN damping-enabled device will report the VLAN status to the VLANIF interface after the set delay time expires. If some interfaces in the VLAN become Up before the set delay time expires, the VLANIF interface status will stay Up. VLAN damping delays reporting a Down event to a VLANIF interface and suppresses unnecessary route flapping.

If a user runs a command to enable a VLAN to go Down, VLAN damping does not need to be configured.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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