On the NetEngine 8000 F, you can run the ip route-static command to configure a static route, which consists of the following components:

Destination Address and Mask

The IPv4 destination address in a static route is expressed in dotted decimal notation, while a mask can be expressed either in dotted decimal or CIDR notation.

The IPv6 destination address in a static route is a 32-digit hexadecimal number, while a prefix is expressed in CIDR notation and ranges from 0 to 128.

Outbound Interface and Next Hop Address

When configuring a static route, you can specify an outbound interface through interface-type interface-number, a next-hop IP address through nexthop-address, or both an outbound interface and a next-hop IP address. Set the parameters as required.

Every route requires a next-hop IP address. Before sending a packet, a device needs to search its routing table for the route matching the destination address in the packet using the longest match rule. The link layer can find the corresponding link-layer address and then forward the packet only when a next-hop IP address is available.

When specifying an outbound interface, note the following:

  • For a Point-to-Point (P2P) interface, if the outbound interface is specified, the next hop address is the address of the remote interface connected to the outbound interface.

  • Non-Broadcast Multiple-Access (NBMA) interfaces are applicable to Point-to-Multipoint networks. Therefore, IP routes and the mappings between IP addresses and link layer addresses are required. In this case, you need to configure next hop addresses.

  • An Ethernet interface is a broadcast interface and a virtual-template (VT) interface can be associated with multiple virtual access (VA) interfaces. If the Ethernet interface or the VT interface is specified as the outbound interface of a static route, the next hop cannot be determined because multiple next hops exist. Therefore, do not specify an Ethernet interface or a VT interface as the outbound interface unless necessary. If you need to specify a broadcast interface (such as an Ethernet interface) or a VT interface as the outbound interface, specify the associated next hop address.

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