Creating a VS

A Physical System (PS) administrator can create Virtual Systems (VSs) on the PS, but cannot create, or delete the Admin-VS. The Admin-VS is the default VS on a PS and manages the entire PS. The Admin-VS is automatically created when a PS is being started. All the unassigned resources on a PS belong to the Admin-VS by default. A VS is started as soon as it is created.


  1. Run system-view

    The system view is displayed.

  2. Run admin

    The admin view is displayed.

  3. Run virtual-system vs-name

    A VS is created and started.

  4. (Optional) Run port-mode port [ resource-template template-name ]

    A port mode is configured for the VS.

    You cannot delete the port mode that has been configured for a VS.

  5. (Optional) Run description description

    The description of a VS is displayed.

    The network administrator can configure a description for the VS to describe the service type or usage.

  6. Run commit

    The configuration is committed.

    In the VS creation process, the NetStream function becomes unavailable in two minutes.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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