CUSP Flow Table Delivery

A flow table contains actions that CUSP defines for forwarders, which is independent of service types. Entries in the flow table are delivered by a controller to a forwarder through a control channel.

Standard Flow Table Delivery

In Figure 1, a controller sends a Flow Mod packet carrying flow table information to a forwarder. The packet contains basic flow table information (such as the table ID and priority), match attributes, and instructions. The match attributes contain information (such as MAC and IP addresses) to be matched against entries in the flow table. Matching packets are processed using a specific instruction. The instructions define how to process matching packets, such as modifying packet attributes and forwarding packets through a specific outbound interface.
Figure 1 Flowchart for delivering a flow table

Private Flow Table Delivery

The controller uses Experimenter packets to deliver private flow tables to forwarders, with a private smoothing process supported. A private flow table contains FES entries related to VXLAN services.

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