Point-to-Point Ethernet LPT

shows how point-to-point Ethernet LPT is applied.Figure 1

Figure 1 Application scenario of a network configured with point-to-point Ethernet LPT

Under common conditions, data between CE1 and CE2 traverses link 1, the point-to-point network, and link 2. The point-to-point network can be built based on PWE3 or QinQ links. If a fault occurs on link 1, link 2, or the point-to-point network, communication between CE1 and CE2 is interrupted.

transmission. When link 1 is malfunctioning, PE2 disables link 2. When the point-to-point network is malfunctioning, PE1 disables link 1 and PE2 disables link 2. In this manner, CE1 and CE2 can communicate with each other by using the backup link.

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