Service Process of Static Telemetry Subscription

Static telemetry subscription indicates that a device functioning as a client initiates a connection to a collector functioning as a server to send data collected.

To monitor the traffic trend of an interface for a long time and periodically, you can configure Telemetry static subscription.

Telemetry is a device feature in a narrow sense while is a closed automatic O&M system in a board sense. This system consists of network devices, collector, analyzer, and controller and is divided to the NMS side and device side, as shown in Figure 1.

Telemetry NMS side and device side operate collaboratively to complete static telemetry subscription through the following steps.
  1. Performing static configuration: The controller uses commands to configure devices that support Telemetry, subscribe to data sources, and collect data.

  2. Pushing data sampled or customized events: A network device reports data collected or customized events to the collector based on controller configurations. The collector receives and stores the data.

  3. Reading data: The analyzer reads the data sampled or customized events stored in the collector.

  4. Analyzing data: The analyzer analyzes the data sampled or customized events and sends the analysis results to the controller, so that the controller can manage and optimize the network.

  5. Adjusting network parameters: The controller delivers network configurations to the network devices that need to be adjusted. After the configurations take effect, new data sampled or customized events are reported to the collector. The Telemetry NMS side analyzes whether the network optimization meets the expectation. After the optimization is complete, the entire service process is closed.

Telemetry mentioned in this document refers to the telemetry device side unless otherwise specified.

If the connection is interrupted, the device connects to the collector and sends data again. However, the data sampled when the connection is being established again is lost.

After an active/standby switchover is performed or the system saves telemetry service configurations and restarts, the telemetry service reloads its configurations and continues to run. However, the data sampled during the restart or active/standby switchover is lost.

Figure 1 Service Process of Static Telemetry Subscription
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