Configuring the Association Between EFM OAM and an Interface

When the primary and backup links are deployed, you can associate EFM OAM with an interface to perform rapid service switchovers.

Usage Scenario

A device configured with IP services is usually connected to an IP network over the primary and backup links to improve network robustness and service reliability. In the current mainstream design, devices configured with IP services usually use VRRP to perform primary and backup link detection and switchovers. As a result, reliability cannot be ensured for carrier-class services.

After EFM OAM is associated with an interface, the link layer protocol status of the interface is set to Down if a link fault is detected. This association triggers rapid route convergence to block services at the link layer and implement rapid route switchovers.

Figure 1 Association between EFM OAM and an interface

Pre-configuration Tasks

Before associating EFM OAM with an interface, configure basic EFM OAM functions.

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