Configuring Extended DCN Functions

After configuring basic DCN functions, configure extended DCN functions as required.

Usage Scenario

In addition to basic data communication network (DCN) functions, an NE supports extended DCN functions.
  • If a gateway network element (GNE) belongs to multiple processes and areas, configure DCN with multiple processes and areas so that the GNE can manage all the NEs in different processes and areas.
  • When an NE functions as a GNE and manages RTN NEs, configure the GNE to work in compatible mode.
  • When a large number of NEs are attached to a GNE that resides on more than one ring network, ring network services may affect each other. To address this problem, configure DCN packet transparent transmission.

Pre-configuration Tasks

Before configuring extended DCN functions, globally enable DCN.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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