Configuring Terminal Attributes for a VTY User Interface

Terminal attributes of a VTY user interface include the timeout period of an idle connection, number of rows displayed on a terminal screen, and buffer size for historical commands.


  1. Run system-view

    The system view is displayed.

  2. Run user-interface vty first-ui-number [ last-ui-number ]

    One or more VTY user interface views are displayed.

  3. Run shell

    The VTY terminal service is started.

  4. Run idle-timeout minutes [ seconds ]

    A timeout period is set for an idle connection.

    If a connection remains idle within a specified timeout period, the system automatically ends the connection after the timeout period expires.

  5. Run screen-length screen-length

    The number of rows displayed on each terminal screen is set.

  6. Run history-commandmax-size size-value

    A buffer size is set for historical commands.

  7. Run commit

    The configuration is committed.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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