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The Vendor-Id AVP (AVP Code 266) is of type Unsigned32 and contains the IANA "SMI Network Management Private Enterprise Codes" [ASSIGNNO] value assigned to the vendor of the Diameter application. In combination with the Supported-Vendor-Id AVP, this may be used in order to know which vendor specific attributes may be sent to the peer. It is also envisioned that the combination of the Vendor-Id, Product-Name and the Firmware-Revision AVPs may provide very useful debugging information.

A Vendor-Id value of zero in the CER or CEA messages is reserved and indicates that this field is ignored.


The Vendor-Id AVP is a sub-AVP, which is used in the group AVP vendor-specific-application-id.

Reference Standards

RFC 3588 clause 5.3.3

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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