Used-Service-Unit AVP

Description of AVP




The Used-Service-Unit AVP is of type Grouped (AVP Code 446) and it indicates the used quotas measured from the last report, which are sent from the PCEF to the PCRF.

The Used-Service-Unit AVP is defined as follows (per the grouped-avp-def of RFC 3588 [DIAMBASE]):

Used-Service-Unit ::= <AVP Header: 446>
                      [ CC-Time ]
                      [ CC-Total-Octets ]

The Used-Service-Unit AVP is a sub-AVP, which is used in the group AVP gx-r9-usage-monitoring-info. The Used-Service-Unit AVP is also a group AVP, which contains the cc-time and cc-total-octets sub-AVPs.

The PCEF reports upstream traffic and downstream traffic separately, and the PCRF is required to sum the traffic. The NetEngine 8000 F supports duration reporting.

An NetEngine 8000 F receives but does not process *[AVP] in the message format description. This means that the NetEngine 8000 F processes the AVPs described in this document but ignores other AVPs.

Reference Standards

RFC 4006 clause 8.19

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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