Usage-Monitoring-Report AVP

Description of AVP




The Usage-Monitoring-Report AVP (AVP code 1069) is of type Enumerated and it is used by the PCRF to indicate the accumulated usage to be reported by the PCEF, regardless of whether a usage threshold is reached for certain quota monitoring key. If no monitoring key is specified, the PCRF instructs the PCEF to report session-level usage.

The following values are defined in 3GPP TS 29.212:

    This value, if provided within an RAR or CCA command by the PCRF indicates that accumulated usage shall be reported by the PCEF.


On NetEngine 8000 F, BOD service does not support this AVP.

The Usage-Monitoring AVP is a sub-AVP, which is used in the group AVP gx-r9-usage-monitoring-info.

Reference Standards

3GPP TS 29.212 V9.7.0 clause 5.3.62

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