Configuring the SyncE Function on the Device Where an Atom GPS Module Houses

To achieve network-wide clock synchronization, the SyncE function needs to be configured on a device where the Atom GPS module houses so that clock signals can be transmitted to downstream devices.


Perform the following steps on the device equipped with an AE 905S module:


  1. Run system-view

    The system view is displayed.

  2. Run interface interface-type interface-number

    The interface view is displayed.

  3. Run clock synchronization enable

    Clock synchronization is enabled for the interface.

  4. Run clock priority priority-value

    A priority is configured for the clock reference source of the interface.

  5. Run quit

    Return to the system view.

  6. (Optional) Run clock ssm-control { on | off }

    The device is configured whether to select a clock source based on SSM levels.

    After SSM control is enabled, to use the enhanced SSM level as the information for clock source selection, run the clock enhanced-ssm-control {on | off} command to enable enhanced SSM. For details, see the page Ehanced SSM.

  7. (Optional) Run clock run-mode { free | hold | normal }

    An Ethernet Equipment Clock (EEC) running mode is configured.

  8. (Optional) Run clock switch { revertive | non-revertive }

    A clock recovery mode is configured.

  9. (Optional) Run clock wtr wtr-time

    A clock WTR time is configured.

  10. (Optional) Run clock source-lost holdoff-time holdoff-time-value

    A clock holdoff time upon a timing signal failure is configured.

  11. (Optional) Run clock max-out-ssm { prc | ssua | ssub | sec | prtc | eprtc | esec | eprc }

    The maximum output SSM level is configured for the interface clock source.

  12. (Optional) Run clock freq-deviation-detect enable

    Clock frequency offset detection is enabled.

  13. (Optional) Run clock input-threshold { dnu | prc | sec | ssua | ssub | prtc | eprtc | esec | eprc }

    A lower quality threshold of external clock signals is specified.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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