Configuring the LAN/WAN Transmission Mode for a 10GE Interface

A 10G XFP multi-mode optical transceiver works in either LAN or WAN mode. You can configure a proper mode as required.


In VS mode, this configuration task is supported only by the admin VS.

Perform the following steps on the router:


  1. Run system-view

    The system view is displayed.

  2. Run interface gigabitethernet interface-number

    The view of the 10GE interface is displayed.

  3. Run shutdown

    The interface is shut down.

  4. Run set transfer-mode { lan | wan }

    The LAN/WAN transmission mode is configured for the 10GE interface.

  5. Run undo shutdown

    The interface is restarted.

    Before configuring a 10GE LAN, 100GE LAN interface to work in LAN transmission mode, delete all configurations but the IP address from the interface and shut down the interface.

  6. Run commit

    The configuration is committed.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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