Configuring CU-106 on an Interface

After enabling CU-106 in the system view, you need to enable CU-106 in the interface view.


Perform the following operations on the T-BC and T-TC:


  1. Run system-view

    The system view is displayed.

  2. Run interface interface-type interface-number

    The interface view is displayed.

  3. Run ptp enable

    PTP is enabled on the interface.

  4. (Optional) Run ptp local-priority local-priority-value

    The local priority of a PTP interface is set.

  5. (Optional) Run ptp asymmetry-correction { positive | negative } correction-value

    The asymmetric correction time for sending CU-106 packets on the interface is set.

  6. (Optional) Run ptp clock-step { one-step | two-step }

    The timestamping mode of the synchronization packets sending by the CU-106 port is set.

  7. Run commit

    The configuration is committed.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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