Configuring the SyncE Function on the Device Where an Atom GNSS Module Houses

To achieve network-wide clock synchronization, the SyncE function needs to be configured on the device where the Atom GNSS module houses so that clock signals can be transmitted to downstream devices.


Perform the following steps on the device equipped with an Atom GNSS module:


  1. Run system-view

    The system view is displayed.

  2. Run interface interface-type interface-number

    The interface view is displayed.

  3. Run clock synchronization enable

    Clock synchronization is enabled for the interface.

  4. Run clock priority priority-value

    A priority is configured for the clock reference source of the interface.

  5. Run quit

    Return to the system view.

  6. (Optional) Run clock ssm-control { on | off }

    The device is configured whether to select a clock source based on SSM levels.

    After SSM control is enabled, to use the enhanced SSM level as the information for clock source selection, run the clock enhanced-ssm-control {on | off} command to enable enhanced SSM. For details, see the page Ehanced SSM.

  7. (Optional) Run clock run-mode { free | hold | normal }

    An Ethernet Equipment Clock (EEC) running mode is configured.

  8. (Optional) Run clock switch { revertive | non-revertive }

    A clock recovery mode is configured.

  9. (Optional) Run clock wtr wtr-time

    A clock WTR time is configured.

  10. (Optional) Run clock source-lost holdoff-time holdoff-time-value

    A clock holdoff time upon a timing signal failure is configured.

  11. (Optional) Run clock max-out-ssm { prc | ssua | ssub | sec | prtc | eprtc | esec | eprc }

    The maximum output SSM level is configured for the interface clock source.

  12. (Optional) Run clock freq-deviation-detect enable

    Clock frequency offset detection is enabled.

  13. (Optional) Run clock input-threshold{ dnu | prc | sec | ssua | ssub | prtc | eprtc | esec | eprc }

    A lower quality threshold of external clock signals is specified.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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