Engineering Labels for AC Power Cables

These labels are affixed to both ends of an AC power cable that provides AC power supply to cabinets, including 110/220 V, PGND, and BGND cables. The 110/220 V AC cables and related PGND and BGND cables are covered with an insulating sheath, so the labels need to contain only the word "AC" and the cabinet numbers.

The labels for AC power cables are affixed to one side of the identification plates on cable ties. For details, see Table 1.

Table 1 Label content




MN: serial number of the cabinet or the socket where the power is led in

B: chassis number, numbered in bottom-up order with two digits, for example, 01.

n: power port number, numbered as 1 to 3 in bottom-up and left-to-right order.

Serial number of the socket where the power is led in: the location of the socket is marked according to the actual situation. If the sockets can be identified by row numbers and column numbers, they can be numbered following the same rule for the cabinets. If the sockets cannot be identified by rows and columns, specify the detailed locations to avoid confusion with other sockets.

The label only carries location information about the opposite equipment and the power socket; information about the local end is unnecessary.

Make sure that labels are affixed in the correct direction. That is, after the cable ties are bundled onto the cable, the identification plates with the labels should face up, and the text on the labels in the same cabinet should be in the same direction, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Labels for AC power cables

Meaning of the label in Figure 1.

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