Grounding Specifications for Signal Cables

Table 1 lists the grounding specifications for signal cables.

Table 1 Grounding specifications for signal cables




Equip the cable outdoors with a metal jacket, well grounded at both ends, or connect the ends of the metal jacket to the protective ground bar of the equipment room. For cables inside the equipment room, install surge protection devices at the interface to the equipment. The PGND cable for the surge protection devices should be as short as possible.


The incoming and outgoing signal cables to and from the office and unused wires inside the cable should be grounded for protection.


The Tone & Data Access (TDA) cable must pass through the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) with surge protective device (SPD) when going out of the office. The cable's shield layer should be connected to the protective ground of the MDF. The MDF should use the same grounding conductor as the cabinet.


Do not route signal cables overhead.

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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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