Label Printing

The contents can be printed or written on the labels. Printing is recommended for the sake of high efficiency and eye-pleasant layout.

Template for Printing

You can obtain a template from the Huawei local office to print labels.

The template is made in Microsoft Word. Follow these instructions to use the template:

  • You can modify the contents of the template. Do not change settings of centered characters, direction, and fonts.
  • If many characters need to be filled in, decrease the font size, but make sure that the printouts are clear and legible.

Merging Cells in the Template

To merge two or more cells, do as follows:

  1. Select Edit/Select All.
  2. Select Format/Borders and Shading/Borders. Select Box tab and click OK.
  3. Drag the mouse to select cells to be merged and select the Table/Merge Cells.

Requirements on the Printer

To print labels, use a laser jet printer of any model. Before printing labels, set up the page and try printing.

  1. Try printing on ordinary paper with both sides blank. Place the blank paper over the whole page of the label paper, and check whether the page setup conforms to the label layout.
  2. Make sure the printer properties, such as "paper size" and "direction", have been set correctly.
    • If the printout conforms to the sheet of labels, print the labels on the label paper.
    • If the printout does not conform, adjust the page setup and try printing again until the correct printout is produced.

The method for adjusting the page setup is as follows.

  1. Select File/Page Setup.
  2. Select Layout and set Header and Footer as 0.
  3. Select the Margins tab page. Select Left for Gutter Position and adjust the values of Top, Bottom, Left, and Right.

    If the warning prompt as shown in Figure 1 appears before printing, click Ignore to continue the printing.

    Figure 1 Warning prompt before printing

After the page setup has been made correctly, save it for future use. This page setup is only necessary the first time you use the template to print the labels.

Requirements for Feeding the Printer

The label paper consists of two layers and has undergone multiple processing procedures such as printing and cutting. No matter what model of printer you use, feed in the labels one page at a time. To avoid jamming the labels, never use the auto-feed mode.

Feed in the label paper in the correct direction to ensure that the text is printed in a correct position.

Requirements for the Printed Label

Make sure that the printed labels satisfy the following requirements:

  • All the printouts must be on the label, and nothing should be printed on the backing layer of the label page.
  • Contents in the cells should be aligned in the center. In a single-line printout, the dividing lines and the word "TO:" should not be covered by printed characters.
  • When the cells are merged and the printouts are made in multiple lines, avoid covering the word "TO:" when printing the text. Use the space bar to move the text to the next line.
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Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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