DC Power Cable Routing Planning


To ensure that power cables are connected in order, you are advised to plan power cable routing.

Do not bundle or route outdoor cables (such as outdoor antenna feeders and outdoor power cables) and indoor cables together in the cabinet or on the cable tray.

If the cables on the right side are tightly bundled but the cabling space is still insufficient, you can route the extra cables on the left side. In the case of left-side cabling, keep the cables away from the upper and lower board, power module, and fan module insertion/removal areas to facilitate future maintenance.

Power Cable Routing Planning

It is recommended that DC power cables be routed on the left side of the cabinet or rack.

It is recommended that cables, such as optical fibers, and Ethernet cables, be routed on the left and right sides of the cabinet as the circumstances may require. Figure 1 shows the cable layout of a DC device.

Figure 1 Cable layout
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